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There are eight concurrent exhibitions:

Visit Exhibition: Avatar 11 (Launched 06.02.2010)

Visit Exhibition: Avatar 10 (Launched 06.02.2010)

Visit Exhibition: Avatar 9 (Launched 06.02.2010)

Visit Exhibition: Avatar 8 (Launched 06.02.2010)

Visit Exhibition: Avatar 7 (Launched 06.02.2010)

Visit Exhibition: Avatar 6 (Launched 06.02.2010)

Visit Exhibition: Avatar 5 (Launched 27.01.2010)

Visit Exhibition: Avatar 4 (Launched 10.09.2009)

About This Exhibition: The Drawings are created by the artist Onur Cobanli and the algorithm Avatar Dort. The Avatar Dort is created by the artist Onur Cobanli. The works are example for generative artwork where the art pieces are composed in an algorithmic way with the use of defined processes, in this sense it is the artists duty to define the boundries, relations, scales and colors that the system can use in order to create iteration artwork that carries a family feeling between eachother. Artist Onur Cobanli believes that, design is a processes of bringing an order to chaos, an idea tool to create systems that can create order within chaotic systems and arrangements. Therefore, the artists states that the designer is not only the one that creates the artwork, but indeed is the one who creates the mind maps to form the artwork. The designer is not necessary the crafter, the designer is who creates the ways of craft. The design is about the mind and creative process, not about dexterious hands or good eyesight which are physically bounded.
For Sale: The artworks exhibited here are on sale in both digital formats and also in any other dimension (with keeping the proportions) in oil paint and possibly in other medium. Contact the artist for further info: